Thank you for your interest in Olive Tree International Academy, BFSU ! We warmly invite you to join us in a delicate and beautiful education dream!


Olive Tree International Academy, BFSU,. founded in partnership with Hangzhou Olive Investment Management Limited Company, is an academically rigorous private international school located in Linping, Hangzhou.  Nanyuan Station, Hangzhou Metro (Line 1), Yuhang High Speed Rail Station , and the Linping Exit of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway are all nearby.  Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is about 30km away.  The School will open in September 2017, and comprises Primary School, Middle School, and High School Sections.


The School’s educational philosophy is “Harmony in Diversity, Excellence in Variety”. It positions itself as a benchmark international school in China that nurtures great minds to be future leaders. It provides Chinese students and ideal platform to grow and learn through integrating the best practices in the Chinese, Western, and international educational traditions. It boasts an top-class teaching staff, and offers students education of the highest quality. It aims to produce future leaders with the following key values and characteristics: Strength and Perseverance, Pride in Home and Country, Industry and Keen Intellect, Far-Sightedness and Global Awareness.


We seek to recruit teaching staff who care about our students, who understand thoroughly the challenges and trends in education, who are industrious and eager to learn, and who are effective communicators. Our teaching staff shall carry with them diverse and outstanding talents, a wealth of teaching and life experiences. They lead by moral example, and lead a positive and active life. They strive to provide students with a learning environment based on trust and respect.


We are looking forward to joining our family of educators who are passionate about education and who have never forgotten their original purpose.

Application Procedure

First step

Apply online. To fill in the registration form, please click (registration entry link).

Second step

Preliminary examination of materials. The school will organize a professional recruitment team to conduct a preliminary review of the applicants’ written materials and find the outstanding talents we need. Teachers who pass the first round will be notified in writing by email. Please check your email.

Third step

Interview. Those who have passed the preliminary examination should attend the interview organized by the school according to the practice and location of the written notice. Please bring along one original and one copy of your education certificate, teacher qualification certificate, teacher job certificate, main certificate of honor, work experience certificate and so on.

Fourth step

Inspection. When the school deems it necessary, it will investigate the talents to be recruited in an appropriate way on the premise of ensuring the confidentiality of the information, mainly investigating the teachers’ ethics, teaching performance and other aspects.

Fifth step

Issue offers. We will send the offer notice to the applicant via email.

Sixth step

Sign the employment contract. The university will sign the employment contract according to the relevant national laws and regulations.

Welcome to Olive Tree International Academy, BFSU, Hangzhou!  We warmly invite you to explore our educational vision.

If you are an educator who is passionate about teaching and is seeking to realise your educational vision and ideals, you have what we are looking for. Apply now!