Campus Environment 

Hangzhou Olive Tree International Academy, BFSU is a “wayward”school. The school covers an area of nearly 100 mu and the school deems all the grass, plants and flowers on campus as a part of students’ education. The architecture of OTIA has been many times published in the in UK and Spain and is nominated for the 2020 Annual Award.
The first goal of school’s educational objective is “To Build a Toned Body”. OTIA has a clean sweep of niche sports at home and abroad: rugby field, golf course, kayak river channel, tennis court, basketball court,indoor stadium, indoor climbing wall, international standard fencing wall, squash center and taekwondo gymnasium.
Transparent corridors link three courtyards and the three teaching departments of OTIA. Sitting between the middle school library and high school library, it’s the yard of“Eight Hydrophyte Immortals” which include eight representative water plants living in the south of Yangtze River: the water chestnut, lotus, water dropwort and zizania etc. The yard of “Eight Hydrophyte Immortals” is in perfect harmony with the yard of olive tree. As olive tree is the symbol of peace in Western country, these two yards also represent the educational philosophy of OTIA: Harmony in Diversity and Excellence in Variety!
The perpetual garden in the yard of primary school is a kind of self-sustain balance and beauty. Through this garden, students in OTIA can really see the spring with all recovery of life, the summer with luxuriant foliage, the autumn with tranquility and harvest, and the winter with fallen leaves returning to roots. It is an embodiment of a close integration of the US permaculture design and our educational philosophy.
In OTIA, we have has 3 science laboratories for the primary school and 2 chemistry laboratories, 2 biology laboratories and 2 physics laboratories for the middle school as well as 4 physics laboratories, 4 chemistry laboratories and 4 biology laboratories for the high school. We also have the Academy of Juvenile Sciences and the Junior Academy of Engineering which are full of countless toy aerocrafts,toy race cars and 3D printers, and a planetarium with facilities selected and class delivered by the president of Hangzhou Astronomy Society. In OTIA, students can study like a scientist.
If you are obsessed with art development, then you should visit our 16 piano rooms every day. We also have western painting classroom, traditional Chinese painting classroom, calligraphy classroom and design workshop……If you keep visiting all these rooms, then not long after, you can go to the Art Museum of OTIA to find your works and your future.